Product Photography

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This is your product’s moment to shine. On a model, tabletop, studio or location, we love shooting ‘stuff!’ Just tell us how you’d like to feature it, and we’ll do the rest. We specialize in going beyond the basic shot, adding our combined experience, artistry, and an emotional touch. Atom knows his way around any site or location. And Mars, a seasoned Art Director, always has an idea to elevate the shot. We come together or separate, as your project calls for. Check out our portfolio - and be inspired!

Life Style

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Breathtaking vistas. In-the-moment action. Close-up expressions. Nothing brings your ads and articles to life like evocative, emotional, lifestyle shots. Add our love of adventure, and these shots are the next best thing to being there. Simply send us your product or story, and we’ll jump in (sometimes literally) and capture it in action. Get an idea of what we can do here.

E-Commerce Product

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Want to sell your stuff online? Whether its one item or hundreds, we can help. We deliver consistent, captivating imagery that helps build brand trust, and ultimately, drives sales. If you’re selling your items on Amazon or a 3rd party marketplace, we have it covered. We’ll do the research, standardize the shots, and make sure you have the best images out there.


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Whether you‘re a corporate exec or a brand new baby, we want to take your picture! Just let us know if you’d like a studio setting or have a favorite spot. Or better yet, tell us about yourself and we’ll come up with something that captures you in an original, yet authentic light. Just be prepared to leave the posey smiles and cheesy postures at home – and have some fun! Check out our portfolio here, and see how much we (really) love creating portraits.


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We know how important those special days are, which is why we only do it with two photographers. Atom and Mars are both adept at capturing the moments that matter – without interrupting them. The result? In-the-moment, beautiful shots that are authentic, expressive, and never stiff or forced. We take great pride in creating images you will love forever.


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We love a party! And our photo booths are always a huge hit.From backdrops to props, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. Contact us directly for a custom quote. See how much fun our booths are for yourself…


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Builder? Interior designer? Selling your house? We know how to make the most of your space and have the equipment to do it. This can be as simple as having a photographer run through your house as is, or getting the art director involved. Mars will add her artistic touch and optimize the use of space. She’ll also edit the photos to make sure they outshine the rest. Check out some of our work here.

Editing & Retouching

Already had a photo shoot? Darn! Sorry we missed it, but we can still help. Mars, a seasoned Photo Art Director, can make the most of what you already have. After working for major brand companies, her knowledge and experience can help you cut back on the monotony of editing, because not only does she LOVE it – she’s also super efficient! Have an old photo of Grandpa you need restored? This is a cakewalk for her after 7+ years experience with corporate retouching.


Want to start your own website? Sell your product online? Put together a portfolio? It's a big world out there and we know how overwhelming information can be. Let us help you jump start your project. With the network of smart & creative people we know, we can at least get you pointed in the right direction if not execute what you are looking for. Send an email or give us a call. We’d love to discuss the possibilities!

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